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With a team of dedicated and highly competent coaches, coupled with more than 20 years of rollerskating, ice-skating and inline skating coaching experience, Mr Law's tried and tested coaching techniques have made Singapore Inline the premier in-line skating school in Singapore .

The Singapore Inline Skating Training Centre is very active in promoting inline skating to the masses.

• Mr Law, the head coach, single-handedly choreographed the inline skating event during Chingay '99. He also trained the Dragon Dance Troupe to perform on inline skates for Chingay '99 and National Day Parade in 1999. At the recent Chingay '01 and Chingay'03, close to 200 inline skaters participated under his guidance.

• He is the President of the Skating Federation of Singapore since 1993 and has been promoted roller hockey so aggressively that within one year, 20 teams had rise to the national level.

• The Singapore Inline Skating Training Centre is also proud to be the official inline skating trainer for the Social Development Unit (SDU)

• The Singapore Sports Council has been using Singapore Inline Skating Training Centre to coach skating since 2002 as their sole service provider.




About The Founder




Singapore Inline Skating Training Centre was founded in 1998 by Mr. Law Kum Seng, a former regional skating champion. Although the entity started only in 1998, Mr. Law has been coaching both casual skaters and Singapore representatives since 1973! He has also been the honorary judge at many illustrious figure skating competitions.

As a skater, Mr. Law started at the tender age of 9 and went on to represent Singapore in skating shows in Penang at the age of 13. Mr Law's skating career spans more than 30 years, during which he has won no less than 6 national and regional figure skating championships.

His skating achievements include winning twice at the Singapore Open (1981, 1985), twice at the Penang Open (1980, 1981) and he was twice crowned Malaysia open Champion (1979, 1982).




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Mission Statement




Our mission is to promote inline skating as a safe, fun and healthy recreational activity for the whole family.





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